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Frustrated and Not Getting Ahead.


Stuck in a Bad Job or Relationship.

You’re Ready to Make a Move!

You want to Support your Dreams and Goals!

  • 37 + Lectures

  • Handouts & Tools

  • 4.2 Hours Video

  • Visualization & Meditations

Power Prayer Instructor

Author and Consultant: Jon-David’s passion is service and helping people to succeed through online courses since 2009.

Known in the social media, marketing, salon industry, Jon-David is also a well known Amazon Author, speaker, Host of #SalonSpaChat, screenwriter and a playwright.


“Power Prayer should be Taught in Schools!”

“I have been Jon-David’s Power Prayer partner for over 10 years. This man is the real deal. He’s changed my life!” – Silvia Spiritual Practitioner

“I thought I knew how to pray before, but this is so much more effective. It really did change the way I communicate with God.” – Lynn

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Achieve Your Goals and Attain Happiness with Precision Visualization.

This Course is interdenominational with an emphasis on visualization which is also meditative and good for everyone:religious, spiritual or agnostic!

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In this course, you are going to learn concrete, grounded-in- reality, tried-and-true techniques that will help you to:

  • Define what success means to you so that you know exactly what your goals are.
  • Learn the 5 steps that make up Power Prayer
  • Focus on your goals, relationships and positive outcome with visualization so your higher power or subconscious can see, feel and hear your goals or your desired outcome to any life-situation.
  • Power Pray away what may be the negative part of a relationship as well as use Power Prayer to help others.

Visualization is key!