What is a Goal Achiever?

Whether I’m consulting with a corporate client about social media, or I’m styling someone’s hair: People feel they can easily talk to me about their deepest thoughts, fears, tragedies, growth, pain and happiness. One thing that I have observed about most people who share their innermost secrets, goals and dreams, is how the principals of Power Prayer, spirituality and goal achieving work in their lives; whether they were conscious of using prayer at all.

The people that I have come to know in my life who are the happiest have some sort of spiritual base and they believe in something greater than themselves. The people who are successful to me visualize their goals first and then put themselves into action to achieve them. Consistent Goal Achievers always have a sense that they deserve what they want, achieve what they set out achieve; and they are always thankful for receiving it.

Goal Achievers Are:

  1. Goal Achievers believe is some form of higher power
  2. Goal Achievers feel they deserve
  3. Goal Achievers visualize their goals
  4. Goal Achiever are thankful
  5. Goal Achievers do the work to achieve their goals

Goal Achiever traits can be taught and learned. I am an example of a man who, in my younger years, strove for my early goals from fear, pride, anger and ego. These goal motivations can work to achieve what you want in life but it is far better to use deservedness and self-love to achieve a goal because you’ll have less fear of losing that goal once you achieve it.

I woke up to the fact that I could have everything I wanted in my life and that I deserve that. But my awakening took time. I had to take time to trust myself, connect to my higher power, embrace change and live a life of thankfulness. Are you thinking, “I can do that!” Great! I know you can too. But, I must tell you that this is not as easy as it sounds. It is work. It took me a long time to master visualization, meditation and Power Prayer and yet, I still get out of practice sometimes. I get distracted. I get into the “doing” part of my life. The chores. The calls. The emails. You know, the things on our to-do lists that make us feel as if we are “moving ahead in life.”

We do need our to-do lists. This is how you will achieve your goals. But what we sometimes forget is the why we are doing what we are doing. We lose our attachment to the love for our goals. The vision. The why. The intention for the doing. Therefore, self love and prayer and meditation is so important. Medication makes you stop and visualize your goal, over and over. Meditation, Visualization and Power Prayer give you a moment of pause to feel the love and motivation for your goal as well as feel Grateful which, in my opinion is the greatest problem solving emotion of them all! Thankful-Grateful is a very powerful tool to be used in every form of visualization and meditation. Inject Thankfulness anywhere that can in your life, including your tasks and to-do list.

Author – Jon-David

Jon-David is an Amazon Author, Host of #SalonSpaChat, and a Social Media Consultant and co-founder of Made In Chicago Speaker’s Bureau.