Social Media for Spiritual Leaders: 10 Tips

I have been a social media coach and consultant for businesses such as salons to churches. What is really needed is a course called Social Media for Spiritual Leaders because, I believe, spiritual leaders are needed in this “chaos world” and yet they get lost in the social media chatter – unless they get social media help.

So Here is my Help!

  1. As a Spiritual Leader, you are great at what you do: teach yoga or meditation, preach new thought insights, council people, balance chakras and more. But if you can’t reach people and you don’t want to learn social media, HIRE SOMEONE to do it for you.
  2. Even if you hire someone to do your social media for you, YOU MUST STILL BE SOCIAL ON THE SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS your social media manager is running for you. They may post your speeches, blogs, YouTube videos and content for you on Twitter, Facebook Page, YouTube and LinkedIn for you and brand those post well – but they can’t BE you as well as you can. So, every day, on each channel, go see if those post resonated with your fans and then thank people for comments and invite them to your services or events. BE SOCIAL as only YOU Can.
  3. Pick one social media platform to be great at! I suggest: Facebook Pages, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn. Pick the one that you can best do what you love to do: Talk, Advise, Be Creative, Instruct. These channels all allow you to post live 1 minute + images or vids that show off YOU.
  4. Do not ever auto-post FB to Twitter. That’s Twitter Rude.
  5. Do auto-post Instagram to Twitter and FB: BUT NOT WITH THE INSTAGRAM BUTTON. Use IFTTT to automatically post Instagram to your accounts. It shows up as a picture and not just as a caption and a URL to Instagram (which is social media rude).

Social Media for Spiritual Leaders

6. If you viewed the video above you would now know to share your fans’ content as well as the content of brands, agencies, donors, friends and businesses that support you.  You need to build up the social media followers of your fans, congregation and friends by showing them how sharing is caring by practicing what you preach: Share and trust that the people and brands you know are worthwhile to post about. Sharing is not endorsing unless you endorse.

7. Add to that: Don’t just post all your content. You will lose your fans and your audience. Even in your emails, add specials or event of neighboring businesses. Add valuable content to your fans that you like as well.  Don’t be spammy and just pour out your content!

8. Please: If you are a spiritual leader you MUST MUST MUST have the best possible LinkedIn Profile. I’ll assume that you have professional clients or fans who are professionals. So be professional online by showing you are professional . All professionals are on LinkedIn.  (And the ones who aren’t & who lose their CEO-type jobs sure jump in pretty fast!)

9. Whether or not the spiritual center or meditation center you work for our out of has a website, you need your own website as well. This is where you will keep your information such as why you do what you do and why you are proficient at it. Links to your work and social media channels are in your website.

10. And lastly: Don’t spend time on social media scrolling on Facebook or Twitter etc… Spend 5 minutes only, per day, per social media channel. You only need look at the notifications on your channels and “Thank,” “Invite,” or “Comment” on what people commented on your posts or Tweets. You can Re-Tweet other people’s Tweets. And you can re-share other people’s posts. But avoid Social Media Addiction by making social media part of your success as a leader and not a waste of your time. Social Media for Spiritual Leaders should not be a chore but part of what you do – only online.

Jon-David: Social Media Expert and Writer. In the ever-changing world of Self-Publishing, there is now only one constant: Authors Must Be Able To Market Themselves. To market his own eBooks, Jon-David applied his promotional skills, gleaned from being a small business owner, actor and producer. A “Twilebrity” was born! Mafia Hairdresser has been educated by the top social media forerunners and digital marketing innovators in Chicago and now produces success courses for GoalAchiever.Club on