You must visualize your goal as if it was already completed or happening as you speak/visualize/pray. Picture yourself in your now-completed goals as if they were real NOW and already here. Over time: You’ll should get to point where you actually feel what it feels like to press the start button on your brand-new car for the first time – before you even have the car. Visualize: Feel what it feels like to have more free time and sit on your front porch when you achieve financial freedom. Visualize: Be able to see and hear your boss as better leader who empowers his employees instead of micromanaging them.

Your Visualization exist in the Now so your Goals can Manifest in the Near Future.

Despite Eastern and Western Philosophy on the subject, as well as the fact that Visualization and Meditation is recommended for spiritual, medical, healing, calming and well-being practices, many people do not understand how.

Authentic Visualization is the focus on the now. True visualization is when one can focus on your goal or dream as if it is in the present moment rather than in the future. Focus on a desired outcome, or on a specific goal, as if it is in the present moment.


I cannot recommend meditation and visualization enough because it gets you away from social media and stress and take you closer to clarity. I hope that clarity becomes addictive for you. If you are like most people who are living in a modern world, we are over-stimulated and stressed and we don’t know how to meditate or visualize and we don’t know how to start. We make excuses: no time.

“I should learn how to meditate.” “I want start trying visualizations, but I don’t have the time.” “I just can’t shut down my mind.” These are statements I hear all the time from friends and my clients. The subject comes up often enough because I do meditate/visualize and people will notice that I seem calm to them in contrast to what may be going on around them.

The Goal Visualization course will show you how easy it is to take a few minutes a day for your well-being and teach you how to properly visualize. Should you start craving a deeper calmness, more feelings of Zen or well-being in your life and you feel drawn to learn how meditate, you can use meditation, visualization or Power Prayer on the subject.

Author – Jon-David

Jon-David is an Amazon Author, Host of #SalonSpaChat, and a Social Media Consultant and co-founder of Made In Chicago Speaker’s Bureau.